Love and Forgiveness

Love and forgiveness cannot be separated.  To truly love, you must forgive.  To truly forgive, you must love.  Forgive and move forward to a life of true love.

During this journey, i have taken a crash course in this love and forgiveness and i have to say that the hardest thing to do was love and forgive myself.  It was easy for me to love and forgive others, so I thought, until I started on this journey of recovery.

I hated the person that i had become.  I hated the things that I had done to my family, my friends, to employers, to everyone who crossed my path.  I would feel so ashamed and hurt by these things but i would push it all back into a safe place which I have now learned wasn’t such a safe place.  I hated myself for the damage that I caused in my wake.  My life was like a hurricane, when I was full force, I destroyed everything in my path and I really didn’t care that I did.  I drank myself into an oblivion so I would not have to deal with any feelings or consequences.  So I guess you can fairly say that I did not love myself or anyone else.

Now that I am focused on recovery and changing the behaviors, i have come to this realization that I have to love and forgive myself.  I never thought that day would come that I could honestly say that I did.  In the beginning of my recovery, I did not see it.  And through working honestly for the first time in my life, a program that shows me how I am supposed to love my life, I am truly amazed at the transformation.  It has not been too long that I have been in recovery but the changes are already taking place.  I am no longer afraid of many things that used to scare me. I have learned to love me for me.  And because I am taking this path in my journey, I can now love other people and forgive them when I feel that they have wronged me.  I no longer keep it pushed away in that “not so safe place”.  I talk about my feelings and even though times i am angry, i can look at my part in that equation and move forward.  I know that I will never be perfect, (darn it) and I know that it is a constant, everyday way of life, this living in the solution, rather that the problem.  I am making progress.

In order for us to forgive, there has to be love.  

I am grateful today that I can forgive and move on… Image


About My Journey to Serenity

I have never been very good with writing a description about myself. So my hope is that as you read through my blogs that you will gather your own description as to whom I may be. These blogs are my inner and most true feelings as they pertain to my spiritual and personal growth of my life living sober. I am a recovering alcoholic. I practice spiritual progress not perfection and try to practice these principles in all of my affairs. I live in today, not in the past or what will be tomorrow. I am grateful today to be alive!!
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